The Teacher Strike from the Viewpoint of a Teacher’s Child


Elizabeth Simmons

Teacher Strike 2018

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Last year’s teacher strike was dubbed a “once-in-a-generation kind of thing.” Yet, here we are, roughly a year later in virtually the same predicament.

During last year’s strike, I myself went to the Capitol and stood alongside my teachers, chanting and screaming, shouting and praying for an outcome.
This year, I will do no different.

What most of the teachers are concerned about is this idea being introduced in the bill of charter schools coming into existence in West Virginia. To be put into simplest terms, this means the kids whose parents can afford transportation to these schools and provide enough for their children to remain at the schools will be able to attend them.

However, what has happened in many other states is these schools grow rapidly, leaving the public schools with the lower students, typically. These students are not only harder to provide for and teach, when put into one huge class of only students like this, virtually no one can prosper.

These schools could lead to the closing of typical public schools, drain already suffering school districts of their money, and promotes a sort of segregation in the schools. To read more about these schools and the negative effects they hold, check out this link: 

This is why your teachers are striking. And, if you, like they, believe in this cause, then be sure to show your support somehow!

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