Best Places to visit during Spring Break

Julianne LaFon , Reporter

Spring Break is coming up, so it is time to start planning your trip. Here are 8 great places to visit during Spring Break.

  1. Cancun- with its beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters — is one of the world’s top beach destinations, and it is also one of the most-visited spring break destinations on the planet.
  2. Las Vegas- Instead of fun along the sand, Vegas provides poolside and late-night debauchery with hundreds of pool parties annually and some of the hottest nightclubs around.
  3. Jamaica- Known for its long stretches of white sandy beach, Negril is one of the island’s hot spots, as is the area’s not-so-creatively-named Seven Mile Beach; by day, revelers sip on rum punch and frolic in the warm waters, and by night they drink more rum punch and dance to live reggae bands and steel drum performances
  4. Miami- Miami’s neon-lit South Beach (or “SoBe”) might be the sexiest beach town in America. Chic clubs with discerning bouncers draw the fashion-industry elite, the occasional celebrity and plenty of 20-somethings ready to party.
  5. Dominican Republic (Punta Cana)- Located on the D.R.’s easternmost tip, Punta Cana is characterized by near-perfect weather, as well as dozens of all-inclusive mega-resorts ranging from cheap to chic.
  6. South Padre Island -A thin, tiny island off the southeast tip of Texas, connected to the mainland by a highway, South Padre Island is a popular spring break destination among students who attend schools in the south.
  7. Puerto Vallarta- located in Mexico is one of the most picturesque destinations, with the whitewashed buildings, and cerulean seas set against a rugged mountain skyline.
  8. Bahamas- which is located 50 miles off the south coast of Florida, it has a very relaxed, laid-back vibe.