Opinion – TV


Jared Pullen

Television is used a lot in our current generation, from watching sports to cartoons to even movies or listening to music, but can all of these conveniences come with a major drawback, such as changing our very character?

When we turn on the TV, we usually find half an hour to multiple hours of enjoyment, watching our favorite shows. Ranging from drama, to fiction, to cartoon, we find something nice to watch, sit down, relax, and enjoy ourselves. But can these shows change how we act, slightly to even drastically?

“It doesn’t really change the exact way that we act,” says senior Troy Adkins, “but it does inspire us to act like some of our favorite characters. We don’t change entirely, but it does affect us in a small way.”

Personally, I find that TV does change us in a small way as well. It, more or less, inspires us to better ourselves as people, so we can become like the rich we see and not as the criminals we watch get pulled over on Cops.