Excerpt From Her New Normal


Ruth Brown, reporter

*This is an excerpt from my in-progress book*

… Lillie returns to he apartment at around nine o clock. Both Alli and Hannah, plus a cop, sits on the two couches in the apartment. All three of them look at the one who slammed the door.

“Oh my God, Lillie! Where the hell have you been all day? No one knew where you were. What happened,” Alli cries in anger.

“I got a job at McDonalds. I wanted it to be a surprise. I forgot to tell you. I was at work this whole time,” Lillie lies.

Why did you not text me then,” Alli asks, not convinced at all.

“My phone died earlier in the day. I didn’t have my charger with me. I guess if fell off the charger last night sometime. I am truly sorry Alli,” Lillie says.

“I am so sorry officer. It’s just that Lillie never disappeared like that before. She is not known to do that,” Alli apologizes to the cop.

“I understand. I have gotten a lot of calls from students about runaway freshmen,” the cop admits.

The cop leaved the three of them. Lillie goes to her room and tears up at the betrayal to her sister. She and Alli told each other everything, or at least she thought so until Preston came around. She cannot say anything about the encounter anyways. She would rather not now for a little bit of revenge. But though she had lied about Preston, she realized now why Alli never said anything about Preston.