Teacher Strike: Is it Needed?


Elizabeth Simmons

Teacher Strike 2018

Summer Boling, Reporter

Over the last two years teachers have been putting up a strike for their right to be treated better, as their job sets the tide for the next generation. They’ve demanded nothing more than better treatment and fair pay, however some have argued that teachers have decided to throw up strikes too early into the 2019 rendition.

This belief most likely comes from a fundamental misunderstand of the Omnibus Bill, the bill that would’ve ultimately unraveled any progress made by the marches in 2018. Along with this, it would’ve also increased class size to at least 30 per room, and implemented state funded charter schools.

While teaching over 30 kids in one room is daunting in itself, the main focus this time around was the push for charter schools.

Charter schools are not only harmful to the employee, but they also lead to nit-picking strategies that would again lead to the pushing down on financially or mentally challenged students. Not only would it further segregate the rising generations, but it would also take funding away from current public schools, which are already struggling with the little they currently have.

Teachers have all rights to strike against this, as it is also projected to become a national push, as seen with the current rise in protest nationwide.