Teacher Strike 2019

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

West Virginia recently had its second teacher strike in only two years, which lasted Tuesday and Wednesday. Although the issue seems to be resolved for the time being, no one can say for sure whether the strike is truly over or not.

Barboursville Middle School Special Ed teacher Megan Lindsey shared her thoughts about the strike and why she thinks it was necessary.

“I think the strike was very necessary to stand up for what we believe in. Students always come first,” said Lindsey.

Unions for West Virginia teachers began protesting Tuesday after a controversial educational bill was supposed to be voted on. The bill mainly focused on creating the state’s first charter schools and allowing education saving accounts for parents to pay for private school. It also included the possibility of increasing the number of students per classroom.

“I believe if everything is cleared up now and taken care of there won’t be a need for another strike,” said Lindsey.

Teachers have had a rocky relationship with lawmakers ever since last year’s strike, which carried on for close to two weeks.

“I feel like the government needs to work and respond to the educational system in a more professional way as well as discuss current events with actual teachers,” said Lindsey.

The bill was supposedly killed on Wednesday, leading to the end of this brief strike. But many people believe teachers aren’t out of the woods yet, and union leaders have reserved the right to call teachers back out on strike before the end of the legislative session in early March.

“I’m not really sure if there will be another strike,” said Lindsey. “It really depends on what takes place with the vote on the pay raise bill.”