Gabbie Hanna’s music


Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Gabbie Hanna is a YouTuber who was once a Viner, like most famous YouTubers nowadays. Gabbie Hanna started making music when her book Adolescence was coming out.

Her first song received pretty good feedback. This inspired Hanna to continue pursuing music. She released another single but this time she didn’t hype everyone up to go get the song. Her short-lived music career seemed to be ending, but then Hannah got back up and released two singles.

These two singles were loved by many people. People started to appreciate her music more, but they also started to criticize her more. This only made her want to work harder to show people that she really cared about her music and that she wanted to get better in her craft.

Then she released her song Monster which she got a Genius interview for. Soon her Genious interview got turned into a meme. There were many videos made about but Hanna decided to embrace it and make merch out of it. This only caused backlash for absolutely no point. She was embracing a meme she genuinely loved.

Now currently she has just released a single called “Medicate.” Almost everyone who has listened to this song loves it. It talks about people’s daily struggles and how society views mental illnesses now. It’s personally one of my favorite songs at the moment.

Most YouTubers who try to be musicians aren’t received well, but Gabbie Hanna has worked very hard to get people to know that she is serious about her music.