Shane Dawson’s YouTube Channel


Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Shane Dawson is one of the first popular creators on youtube. He has been on youtube since it started. He has slowly built his career from the ground. He worked hard and made daily content for the longest time.

A year or so ago Shane Dawson stopped uploading daily. Instead, he started making short documentaries about the things he loved. He started with a documentary about his dad, who wasn’t really in his life. And he built up from that and started doing documentaries about famous YouTubers.

A specific documentary that really launchedĀ his career was the one about Tana Mongeau. She made a thing called TanaCon, but it went horribly so Shane Dawson interviewed her about that and it blew up. After that, his videos started to get up to 20 million views.

Then he did a documentary on a very controversial YouTuber, Jake Paul. This made people very angry at him, but hisĀ fans ended up really liking the series once it came out.

After that, he only uploads only a few months at a time, which has really disappointed his millions of fans. Recently Shane Dawson has made a conspiracy series which he’s also very popular for. This conspiracy series hit many. things and one thing, in particular, was talked about mostly.

The conspiracy theory was about Chuck e Cheese’s pizza, yes, this is a very random conspiracy theory. The theory was that the arcade reuses their old pizza. Which is not true, but Shane Dawson is getting sued. Right now with his 2 parts the videos combined have 59 million views.

Shane Dawson is doing very well and is dominating the YouTube world.