Music Playlist


Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Music is a wonderful thing, it helps pass the time and get your brain flowing. I enjoy all types of music, but there are always specific songs that stay with me.

My favorite song right now is “Medicate,” by Gabbie Hanna. This song talks about mental illness and how it feels to want to get rid of it.

The next song on my playlist is “11 Minutes,” by Halsey, YUNGBLUD, and Travis Baker. The music video for this song is very sad and it’s about how he has 11 minutes to save her. Time keeps starting over as he goes through the five stages of grief. He can never save her in any of the chances he gets.

The next songs are “Big Plans” and “Cold in LA,” by Why Don’t We.  Why Don’t We is a band with a weird name and these two songs kind of go together, at least that’s what their music videos suggest. Both songs are very good and they’re both about relationships. This band has really been making their way up to the top.

An album I’ve been listening to obsessively recently is Ariana Grande”s new album thank u next. It’s very well crafted and has beautiful music. All the songs are very heartfelt and they go for every situation. The album is mostly about how she doesn’t need anyone but herself.

Lastly is “Who Do You Love,” by 5 Seconds of Summer and The Chainsmokers. I probably would have never listened to this song if 5 Seconds of Summer weren’t in it. They are my favorite band and they make amazing music. This is one of their most recent songs. This was a collaboration with The Chainsmokers. This song is about a girl cheating and it’s very obvious and they just want her to choose between them or the other guy.

These are all amazing songs that get me through the day. I love these songs more every time I listen to these songs.