Opinion – Success


Jared Pullen

Typically, the people who work hard are the successful ones, the people who trained hard to get to where they are today; but can there be success through a bit of luck?

Hard work, typically, leads to success. That’s a no-brainer, but can there be other factors that lead to success? Hard work gives a feeling of satisfaction, but others just manage to have the ability to do something from the get-go. Do these people, ones who are just naturally good at what they do or those who just get a bit lucky, get to success as fast or faster than those who work hard?

“I feel like success is only gained through hard work, ” says senior Troy Adkins, “but luck can play a small part in becoming successful.”

Honestly, I feel like a bit of luck can be determined to those who are successful. Luck in their ability to play sports can be one, but luck can also fall under skill. Those who make it rich in the stock market put a bit of luck into their thoughts on which stocks might go up or down. Generally though, both people who work hard and those who are just born skilled are equally successful.