Anti “feminazis” campaign


Dylan Maynard, reporter

A Spanish ultraconservative Catholic organization has adopted a photo of Adolf Hitler with makeup as part of its campaign to fight against “radical feminism” or “feminazis,” claiming that gender violence laws discriminate against men.

Hazte Oir, which is Spanish for “Make Yourself Be Heard,” launched the campaign last week with a bus featuring the photo of the former Nazi leader wearing makeup with the symbol of feminism on his military cap. They are using the hashtag #StopFeminazis.

“It’s not gender violence; it’s domestic violence,” the message plastered on the bus reads. “Gender laws discriminate against men.”

Organizers plan to drive the bus through the streets of the Spanish capital before heading to Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Cadiz, and Pamplona.

According to El Pais, the conservative organization first made headlines in 2017 when it launched a widespread campaign against the transgender community.