The Momo Challange?

Morgan nelson , Staff reporter

Kids and adults can have fun sometimes with different types of games and even challenges that are recorded and posted online. But as it is fun, it can also be horrifying.

There is this new or newer thing going around called the momo Challange and it is not a fun challenge to do but it is mainly aimed toward younger children due to how little they know right and wrong.

“The momo challenge is a challenge where kids are given a task of things to do within a period of time which might and will involve hurting yourself.” Eighth-grader Ethan Nelson. “I have seen many reports and stories about the challenge and I don’t care to say this, I hate it.”

“There have been two kids that I have known about to commit suicide due to the challenge and over one hundred and thirty cases of other kid and children suicides.” Nelson. “The two that I know about is a twelve year old and a sixteen year old. The twelve year old hung herself while I’m not sure how the sixteen year old ended his life, nothing has been said about it. It is mainly due to online videos being put into some children’s movies and some YouTube channel’s videos and influencing the children to do bad things like I mentioned earlier.”

“There have been multiple cases of children and teens committing suicide and doing bad things and that’s why we need to stand up and stop them before it’s too late, maybe they vandalize things, so commit crimes, etc, we absolutely need to step in and say something maybe ban them from the internet or technology all together because there have been more cases of suicide and crimes in the past ten years then there was thirty years ago.” Nelson.