Alabama Tornadoes

Alabama Tornadoes

Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

Many counties in the western half of Alabama have been enduring major damage from series of tornadoes that has currently left twenty-three victims dead and the death toll could potentially rise.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham confirmed Monday that six tornadoes went across the state. Two EF1s in Washington County, an EF1 in Macon County, and EF2 and an EF1 in Barbour County and the storm in Lee County.

Due to the mass destruction and chaos, the Alabama state governor declared a state of emergency in effect; schools in the counties where the tornadoes ripped through are out temporarily.

Many businesses have been hurt by the destruction and are now in need of reconstruction, there are donations available to support the counties in Alabama.

State’s surrounding Alabama have sent recovery and relief groups to help aid families and victims of the destruction.

The path of the tornadoes went mostly to the Western parts of Alabama and so far as the East path of Georgia. The wind speeds for these tornadoes went as fast as up to 170 Mph.

Before the tornadoes hit Alabama, a warning of twelve minutes was given for them to prepare for the worst, but the impact of the storm was worse than predicted.

The devastation of the tornadoes has caught the attention of president Trump who said he would visit the area Friday; to help support the families and citizens who need aid. Trump had approved the state governor’s request for a major declaration for the counties.

Among the fatalities, there are still a few unknown victims that need to be recognized, and families are reporting their missing relatives.

Alabama is known to have bad storms, such as tornadoes, but many people agree that the state has not had this bad of storms in at least six years.