Cool Senior trip ideas

Cool Senior trip ideas

Zac Backus, Reporter

Every year most seniors embark on a big trip with their closest and best of friends during the summer. It is usually seen as a reward for surviving thirteen years of schooling.

A popular spot that most people go to is Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina. Most go during the infamous “Senior Week” when most activities and locations cater to the freshly graduated visitors. While Myrtle Beach is where most people go for its cheap hotels and plentiful entertainment, it isn’t for everyone. Here are some ideas for the people looking for a different kind of senior trip:

Sail away on a cruise! Cruises are super fun and depending on the cruise you could see all different types of the world! Cruises tend to be safer because of the isolation of the boat and even though they are expensive up-front, once you get on everything including food and your room is taken care of.

Go on a Road trip! See all of our amazing country when you go on a road trip with your best friends. Take pictures in every state and see some amazing sights when you drive from state to state.

Go to an amusement park! Disneyworld and Universal are super fun and the best during the summer. They tend to be expensive, but very much worth it.

These are some great ideas for a different type of senior trip. Promise to be safe though, but have fun!