Best Backpack brands for students


Zac Backus, Reporter

Here at the Castle we aren’t big fans of lockers and instead we carry all of our books, papers and laptops in backpacks. If you look around you can see there is a variety of backpacks, but some select brands are seen quite a bit here. Here are some good backpack brands and why they are popular here:

JanSport: Jansport backpacks are seen very often here at Cabell Midland. They are known to be inexpensive and last for a long time. Each backpack comes with a lifetime warranty so If the bag does tear or get damaged in any way, just send it to Jansport and they will send you a new one free of charge.

North Face: These backpacks come in all shapes and sizes & even though they tend to be on the expensive side, they can last forever. They can last forever and look pretty cool. Very popular among college students for their durability and lightweight.

Herschel: Herschel bags are very trendy and don’t resemble traditional backpacks, they are on the expensive side.

Kanken: Kanken bags tend to be the most expensive but are very popular. Not many people have these because they don’t carry much and tend to not be as durable.

These are some reviews of popular backpack brand to help you out!