More shows to Binge on Netflix

More shows to Binge on Netflix

Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Sometimes we’re bored and we just don’t know what to do. we just need something to help pass the time and cure our boredom. That’s why I’m here to tell you about some more Netflix shows worthy of binging!

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a well known Netflix series which is loved by most people. It’s a very good show and it’s highly rated. There are two seasons out now, but there is a third season coming out in the summer.

Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin¬†is an amazingly well written show that has a mix of comedy, romance, crime, mystery, etc. The 5th and final season is airing on March 27 and season 4 ended with a huge cliff hanger. This show has a diverse cast different point of views in situations. The main character is very realistic nd isn’t protrayed to be perfect.

Greenhouse Academy

Greenhouse Academy is an underrated show on Netflix. It is also a Netflix original and it’s very good. It’s about a brother and a sisiter who go to a new elite school where they are in teams and they compete to get rewards. This show is filled with drama, romance, and mystery.


Lastly is Elite, this show is actually in spanish, but when I watched it, I watched the English dubbed version. I thought I was going to hate how I couldn’t hear their actual voices, but it wasn’t too bad. ¬†This show was filled with drama. The show starts with someone comitting a crime and then by the end you figure out who did it. The whole show is basically a flashback.