Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

The SAT is a standardized test that Junior’s take at the end of the school year. A test we aren’t prepared for but are told to get a great score on.

Students should be taught about the SAT more than just teachers telling us about it, we should be ready for the SATs, not stressing about it the month before, not knowing what to do.

I still don’t understand how to study for the SATs and I’ve been going to SAT prep classes and I study the SAT book almost every day. Schoolwork makes that even more stressful and hectic. I never have time to study when I have to do a dozen piles of homework a night.

I am a slow reader so when I practice for the SATs I’m always still working when the timer goes off. I wish in school we learned how to do those things quicker. We should have timed tests because that gets us ready for one of the biggest tests we are ever going to take.

This test lets you know if you’re going to get a scholarship or not and that’s very important to so many people. That’s the reason they study and work hard on other things. We juggle so many things at once and it’s hard to keep up.

Teachers should be helping us carry all this weight on our backs. Even the littlest bit could have helped throughout the years.

In the end, I hope everyone is prepared for the SAT this April, good luck to everyone taking it! All of us just need to breathe and find out the best way to help ourselves.