March Horoscopes


Summer Boling, Reporter

Aries – Time flies, don’t let your past burdens hold you back. Instead, focus on the future before you, and make it your own.

Taurus – Don’t bottle your emotions, chances are those around you have faced the same demons.

Gemini – Allow your friendships to flourish, with freedom they will blossom each and every day.

Cancer – Don’t shut yourself off, you have the ability to make new connections and build energy with time.

Leo – Allow for the creative energy of others to flow around you. Their creations could easily become your inspiration.

Virgo – Allow yourself time to rest, you deserve to take a break, don’t seek new challenges.

Libra – Watch what you say, sometimes people are hurt by the most innocent words.

Scorpio – Take heed in your dreams, they may be tales of future troubles.

Sagittarius – Put action behind the things you’ve learned, for the challenges that face you are new beasts.

Capricorn – Be honest with your feelings, let the people around you know exactly who they are to you.

Aquarius – Take care of those around you, they need it more than you know.

Pisces – Allow your creative energy to mend dying relationships and broken bonds.