Spring Break

Danielle Hughes, Staff reporter

Should we have a longer spring break? We have two weeks of spring break and we get an NTID assignment for one of the days we are not there. I think we should get an extra week of spring break where that some of us go farther than others for spring break. My family would go to Detroit to see my sister if it was not so far away but since we only have two weeks we can not.

Lillian Bass of freshman year agrees with me and this claim. “I try to spend time with my mom and dad and my grandma, I don’t get nearly as much time as I want with them and after I spend time with them I do not have any time for friends and other family members. I wish I had more time for them because I don’t get to hang out them much with all my homework and working out. It is hard to keep up with everything and everyone, weekends are for friends and weekdays for family. During the week I do not have enough time with my family as I would like, it seems like the older I get, the farther away we grow apart. They get busier and I get busier and it is hard not being as close with them as I was. If we had a longer break then I would have more time for them.”

Skyler Balagenee agrees with Lillian Bass. “It is hard to keep up with everything and have a good relationship with everyone and longer breaks would help with that.”