Organization Tips

Kylie Smith, Reporter

Organization is a very important life skill for high school as well as future college students. Here are some organization ideas to help you stay on top of things all year!!
1. Making Lists: Making lists over the years has helped me tremendously. Write down everything you need to do, or everything you want to do. You can also use these lists for events coming up, things you need from the store, or literally anything. This tip is not limited to just school work, you can use it with anything! The best place to keep list is in your notes on your phone if you have it!
2. Set Schedules: Setting schedules can make sure you are on task for your goals. Make a schedule where you study your vocab for the week for five minutes a day. This will insure that you thoroughly understand what you are talking about and will make you more confident in your knowledge. You can also use this tip with sleep, exercise, the possibilities are endless.
3. Keeping A Clean Environment: I have noticed recently that if my room isn’t clean or my bathrooms covered in dirty closed, I tend to be more stress and less motivated to get stuff done. Keep your room, bathroom, and anything else as clean and organized as possible so that everything is super easy and you know where everything is.
4. Using Seperate Folders and Notebooks: This tip is definitely more school/work related but it may pertain to everyday life too under certain circumstances. ALWAYS have a different spot for your different classes. It can be folders, notebooks, binders, you name it! Just make sure that everything has its own place so that nothing gets mixed up in the madness!
5. Thinking/Planning Ahead: This tip can vary so much! You can think ahead about literally anything. Consider your outfits for school/work ahead of time. Extra little steps like this can save you some sleeping time in the morning! This can also be used with school work/work, prepping food, excising, or basically anything that you have planned for your future.
Hope these help!