Jeep Towing

Lee Blake, reporter


Jeeps are a multi-use vehicle cause they are great for everyone and can go anywhere. They are small enough that new drives can drive easier and handle great. The down side of a jeep is that they can not pull and trailer weight.

I got a jeep maybe three or four months ago thinking it would be an awesome thing to have. An if i did not have to pull a trailer then more than likely is would be fine. But as soon as I hook a trailer up to my jeep the fastest the thing will go is like 55 MPH. Which makes traveling Rt. 2 or the interstate quit difficult.

I asked a guy named Johnny about what he thought about jeeps and trailers and he said “I love jeeps they look cool and do great off-road but they can not pull worth a crap”. I told Johnny I would have to agree with him on that one from my personal experience with my jeep.

But what Jeeps have to offer up are great they are compact and lightweight and get fairly good gas mileage. But i would rather pay the extra money and have a V8 that’s built and be able to go fast and pull whatever I may need.

If you do not pull trailers and are looking for a good vehicle the get a jeep if you plain of pulling heavy loads then I would highly recommend getting something different. Just a few words from me on the matter of jeep towing capabilities and how jeeps handle on the road.