Great Weather

Lee Blake, Reporter


Now that is is spring the weather is starting to get better and people are starting to want to go outside and enjoy it more. The first thing that comes to mind to me is hiking. To me hiking is a great way to see nature and relax and just feel free. It allows be to just follow a trail and not know where i’m going and finding my way back to where I started even though most of the time all you have to do is keep following the same trial.

People sometimes try to rush a nice walk through the woods when really they should be slowing it down and taking in all the greatness around them. Nature is a place to take your mind off the stress and problems you have and just make life a happier place.

I asked sammy what she thought about hiking and she said “Trails are a great thing to do on a warm and clear evening to forget about all the work I am not going to do. The fast that she said to relax to forget about the work she is not going to do pretty much describes my high school career in a few words.

I believe that everyone should go outside and enjoy the nice weather when we have is because it helps the human body stay in shape and healthy. A healthy body is a happy body and a happy body makes a happy person. I believe every person in the world should get at least 3 hours of outdoor exercise a week. Just because i feel like the outdoors helps make people better versions of themselves.