Sound System

Lee Blake, Reporter

Sound System

A sound system is a key part of a car or truck appearance of others without it long car ride would be very boring. Every car comes with a stock and boring sound system like speakers that are not that loud a radio head unit that hardly works and maybe a little bass under the back seat. That does not work for me and it should not work for you either.

It is so easy to make your own vehicle have a custom sound system. All you have to do it have an idea of what you want it to sound like when your done. Jack said “I want people to listen and love music the way I do”. Jack is a band member and loves hearing people tell stories about music.

When I redid my sound system in my jeep I did subwoofers, amps, speakers, and radio head unit a complete new setup. And it sounds great I did this cause i love music and I love to express myself with others through music.

Music is a universal language and can help all people understand what you like and are enjoying in life. All I started with was an idea an that idea turned into reality when I applied myself to what I wanted. I wanted a sound system and that is what I got.

All it takes is an idea to become a reality all it takes if effort and work to achieve whatever your goal may be. I truly believe there is nobody that can not reach their dreams is they play themselves with everything they have.