Lee Blake, Reporter


This time of year all the sports teams have started and seasons are about to begin but the most important sport starting this year is tennis. The CMHS tennis team should be amazing this season. I see no reason why we should not have at least three state title this season.

We have a stacked boys team and a stacked girls team makes our team as one stand to be the best tennis team in the state. We play as one and practice as one and when we win we win as one.

I asked senior Brennon how he felt about this season he said “I am very confident and happy to start this season of with a good clear mind”. I had to agree with him and do hope that he does keep a clear mind and does not get angry.

I have only play for CHMS for three year but I have to say every year I play the team seems the get funer and funer each year I play. I say this because with every year i grow closer with team members and the coaching staff. Which helps make our team look like we are a connected and playing as one.

With our unmatched skill levels and attitudes there is not a team in the state that can beat us and I expect us to win greatly this season. As long as nobody gives up and we help each other out we can do great things for not only ourselves but for the team and that is what tennis is all about coming together and having fun.