Lee Blake, Reporter


As a senior the day everyone this of is graduation day and for the class of 2019 that day is right around the corner. I myself am looking forward to the day and it can not come any sooner I have been waiting on graduation ever since i started.

School has always just bored me because there was nothing ever entertaining to do besides sit in a desk all day. That bored me out of my mind and I knew I could never have a desk job where I sit at desk and take notes I knew all along I needed a hands-on job.

I knew for a long time I really did not want to go to college because I did not see a need. The job I want does not require a college degree so I have decided no to got college but instead directly into the workforce. People believe just because you do not go to college you will not be successful but that is a lie any very successful never went to college and still were very smart and not loaded with cash.

Really in the end it is only a choice you can decide because who cares what other say about what you want to do it is your live take the path you chose to live not what other want to live on. Even though they may tell you one thing they more than likely believe something different later on down the road about your choices either way.

Just follow your heart and your dreams and you will never be lost you may sometimes be confused and struggle but in the end you will always come out a winner if you try your hardest and fully apply yourself in what you love.