Strange Holidays

Joshua Biser, Co-Editor

People celebrate many holidays throughout the year. From Christmas to Easter, as well as Valentine’s day and Halloween, there’s pretty much always a reason to celebrate. In addition to all the holidays we celebrate, there are lots of holidays that many people don’t know about.

Batman Day, May 1st

Batman is one of, if not the most, iconic superheroes to ever be created, and May 1st is a day to celebrate that. The day was chosen as it’s when the first Batman comic was released, back in 1939. Featured in detective comics 27, a comic worth over 1 million dollars today, Batman’s story was developed in the following months after that, and became a huge hit among readers.

Canada Day, July 1st

While not celebrated much here in America, Canada day celebrates the creation of Canada as a country in 1867. Canada was created by joining several colonies together, those being Province of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Since then, it took over 100 years for Canada to truly gain its independence, happening in 1982.

Mario Day, March 10th

March 10th seems like a strange day to have a Mario themed holiday, as the original Super Mario Bros. released on September 13th, 1985. The day has been chosen for the way it appears on a calendar, Mar 10, resembling the word Mario. The release of the original Super Mario Bros.

The Ides Of March, March 15th

March 15th is most commonly known for being the day Julius Caesar was assassinated, a fact that has been popularized from the Shakespeare play from the phrase: “Beware the Ides of March”. The Ides of March is named so for the way days in a month were tracked. Days were counted backwards from three fixed points in a month, so the Ides of March would be the 15th, where the Nones fell on the 7th.