Tornado Drill

Danielle Hughes, Staff Reporter

How often should we have a tornado drill? I personally think we should have one every month on fridays, during first mod. It is offecent and easy to work around. They do not take very long, so it should be quick and easy.

Lillian Bass, Fifteen of Freshman year thinks we should have one very nine weeks.
“It is not so much that it disrupts class for long or messes with the teachers plans. It is something we need to do whether we want to or not,” said Bass. “It keeps us safe and ensure that we know what to do if this would occur. The drills would help us not to panic nearly as much as we would if it were a real emergency. If we know what to do, it takes away the pressure of getting lost or messing up and dying.”
Skyler Fay Blalgenee agrees with my claim.
“If we do it every month, no one can freak out about not knowing what to do in the time of crisis. If we do it so much it will happen naturally,” said Blalgenee. “It will be like second nature and we will automatically do it. Knowing what to do relieves the stress and it will always be fresh in your memory.”

It is good to regularly practice emergency drills from elementary up. We should know what to do without help, which is why it is important to practice.