Opinion – Living Location


Jared Pullen

Usually, where you live determines how you act in your life, which makes it an important choice where you want to live with your family. So the question is, where is it better to live at – the city, or the country?

A choice of living location is important to how you act. In the city, there’s not much open space, and everyone’s rushing about to their jobs. Some city people seem to be not very empathetic towards those who are struggling in life, yet these people are pretty likely to succeed. In the country, you know everyone and everyone knows you, so you have to keep up kindness with other people. There’s plenty of open space, but in some areas, it becomes hard to get to school or even to a workplace. Some, but not all, make it in life while living in the country. So the matter is, which stereotype do you go with for your family?

“Honestly, either one is fine.” says senior Troy Adkins. “Both sides have a good and a bad to them, so it shouldn’t matter which you choose.”

I sympathize with Troy, both lifestyles have a good and a bad to them. It’s all just down to personal preference to where you want to live. Some want to get out of West Virginia and live in the city, others love the country and want to stay. It’s all your own choice.