Perks of Taking a Journalism Class


Zac Backus, Reporter

Here at Cabell Midland, we offer a couple different types of classes in the wide field of journalism. They are all taught by Ms. Chrisa Hayes in room E192, the classroom right by the lunchroom. This classroom is not a normal classroom. It features all the things a journalism student might need, ranging from a room with a few large Apple Mac’s for editing the student newspaper or yearbook to stage lights mounted on the ceiling to provide the most professional lighting for filming our student led news, KNYT news. The journalism classes we have here at the castle include journalism/newspaper, yearbook, and mass communications.

Journalism/Newspaper: This class is mostly incharge of the student made and led digital newspaper, The Medieval Times. Students are required to post weekly stories covering all kinds of school activities from sports events to pep assemblies.

Yearbook: Students taking yearbook are incharge of editing and creating our annual school yearbook. Students walk around and take photos of students to be put in the various pages of the yearbook. Students are assigned pages to edit and finalize. Additionally, they are in charge of making sure everything is accurate and everyone is properly named.

Mass Communications: This class introduces students into various forms of communication whether it be videos, podcasts, etc. Students in this class are the ones in charge of editing and making sure the KNYT news runs smoothly and is done correctly.

As you can see, taking a journalism elective can help you learn more about the world of journalism and there’s a class for everyone. Talk to your counselor today to see if it’s right for you!