Spring Break



Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Spring Break is next week and students around the school are looking forward to getting some time off to hang out with family and friends and go on vacation.

Everyone looks forward to getting a break from school, especially when the weather is finally warming up outside. Junior Meredith Mears says her plans for Spring Break consist of relaxing but also working.

“My plans for spring break are to relax at home and go to work,” said Mears.

Many people like to stay home over the break and catch up on their sleep, while others prefer going out of town on vacation with their families.

“My dream vacation for spring break would either be Hawaii or Disney World. Both places seem like fun and I’ve never been on an airplane before,” said Mears.

With Spring Break comes fun and relaxation, but this year it seems like students might not completely get a break from their schoolwork. As of right now, Monday, March 25 is scheduled as an NTID which means teachers will be posting classwork on Schoology.

“Personally I don’t think it’s wrong to have an NTID over spring break. You get the whole week to complete it and there’s even some days left after the break to get it done,” said Mears. “It’s reasonable, but it’s also harder for people who don’t have internet at home.”

Either way, Spring Break is usually a joyous occasion for students everywhere, and most people can agree that a break from school is good for everyone.

“I like getting to spend time with friends and family over the break. It’s nice to get away from school for a little while,” said Mears.