Prom Places and Things


Morgan Nelson, staff reporter

Every year, millions of high school students look forward to the time of year where they get all dressed up and go to prom, a dance that is exclusive to juniors and seniors. Wardrobe is a large part of the event with the dresses, suits, and accessories to make the night memorable and magical.

Places that you can find dresses and accessories that can give you a array of choices: Lulus, PROMGIRL, PromDressShop, and Jovani. These websites have some of the best prices on items and beautiful selections to choose from that can make your night unforgettable. There are stores around the area where you live that you can go to, to find the perfect dress including Barbie’s, Macy’s, JcPennies, Yellow Brick Road, and The RoseTree Boutique.

I have personally been to Barbie’s, Macie’s, The RoseTree, and Barbie’s. It is a good place to shop and I really like the selection of dresses. It was a little out of my price range, but I recommend Macy’s where I actually have gotten my homecoming dress and shoes. There wasn’t as large of a selection as there was at Barbie’s, but it still had a nice variety of dresses. At The RoseTree, I had trouble with the dresses fitting properly, but there is a real difference in dress variety compared to the other places. Also, the dresses were more antique looking which is not a bad thing if you like that type of dress/thing.

If you don’t want to take any of my advice/opinion, then I suggest that you get on yelp or any other website/place that gives others opinions and or reviews to get more of an idea of the places.