Chickenpox Outbreak in Kentucky


Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

A Roman Catholic school in Northern Kentucky has experienced an outbreak of chickenpox and is spreading rapidly to nearby counties. The CDC claims that the outbreak was caused by not vaccinating their children.

Kentucky governor, Matt Bevin has also sparked a major controversy as he said he deliberately exposed nine of his children to the chickenpox virus, in hopes of them building an immunity against it.

However, the biggest remark the governor made was that he believed vaccines shouldn’t be mandated by the government. Many families in the state of Kentucky are outraged at the governor’s actions of exposing his kids to the virus, causing serious trouble to Bevin’s position.

The centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends against intentionally exposing children, according to the CDC website.

The state requires children entering kindergarten to get vaccinated for chickenpox, but parents can seek religious exemptions.

With vaccines available, many are wondering as to why Bevin would expose his children. When asked if it was for religious reasons, he said no. Bevin claimed it was just the “natural” thing to do.

Kentucky is also currently still experiencing a Hepatitis A outbreak. It doesn’t help that the governor is encouraging people to avoid vaccinations.

Vaccinations are available to the public to prevent communities from contracting any forms of illness. Without them kids and adults are vulnerable and could potentially close schools, interfere with adults working,
and put a strain on the community.

In response to Bevin’s comment, the Kentucky Democratic Party called on the Republican to state his position on vaccinations for Hepatitis A, which has killed forty-four people in the state.

As for now, all children that have chickenpox are told to stay isolated in their homes to prevent it from spreading, and to seek medical treatment if needed.