Apple’s March 2019 event


Zac Backus, Reporter

On March 25th, 2019 Apple held its annual spring event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Unlike its normal fall events, they showcased new services instead of hardware. Here are some of the services they announced:

Apple News+: Apple debuts a News subscription that houses over 300+ magazines for monthly fee. Some major news publications being showcased involve the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, and National Geographic. A subscription to all 300 magazines would equal up to $8000 a year, but with News+ you can get it all for only $10 a month. This service is available right now.

Apple Card: Apple also announces it new credit card, the Apple Card. It integrates nicely with IOS and tells you exactly how much you spend and where you spent it, and helps you pay off with little interest. The card comes with no fees, and comes with small interest rates. They are working with Goldman Sachs to make this. This service will be Coming during the summer of 2019.

Apple Arcade: Apple has come up with another subscription based service to play hundreds of free and paid games for a small monthly fee. They are backing most of these games to make sure they are top notch. This is also coming in the summer of 2019.

Apple TV+: Apple has made a TV subscription service to help people save on TV subscriptions. You pay for only what you want, and have revamped the Apple TV app to make it more personalized to you. They have partnered with celebrities like Oprah, Elmo, and Reese Witherspoon to watch Apple Originals and is coming in Fall 2019.

As you can see Apple has outdone themselves when it comes to its subscription based services. All of this is exciting and I’m excited for what’s to come in the future.