Top 5 best Summer Vacation Ideas

Julianne LaFon, reporter

The last nine weeks is here! The warm weather is coming and you know what that means, Summer Break: your chance to make some memories and forget everything you teacher has taught you. Summer is a great time to go visit places you never thought you would. Here are the ten I recommend:

Maui, Hawaii– Hawaii is an island with many islands around it. There are beaches everywhere and all kinds of things to do. You can go whale watching with the Maui Whale watch cruise. You can also go to the Flea and Street Markets like Maui Hands, and take some scenic drives like the one by Dragon fruit farm.

Las Vegas, Nevada- There are all kinds of fun outdoor activities like bike and scooter tours, museums such as the Trick Art Museum, concerts for magicians, musicians , and comedians. There are also many casinos to visit and places you can go to have extreme fun and get your adrenaline pumping like the outdoor shooting range.

Orlando, Florida– In Orlando you can visit all kinds of fun and exciting locations that has activities for everyone. You could go to Discovery Cove and swim with dolphins and other aquatic animals. You could go to Walt Disney World and ride roller coasters or see animals at Animal Kingdom.

San Diego, California– In San Diego you can visit all kinds of Historical Walking Areas like the area where the Homecoming Statue is presented, Nature and Parks similar to Mission Bay Park, Hiking Trails like the Miramar Reservoir, and other outdoor activities such as surf school and fly rides. There are also multiple shopping areas, such as the Seaport Village and other sights and landmarks like El Prado.

San Francisco, California– Much like San Diego, San Francisco has multiple sights and landmarks such as Alcatraz Island, and many nature and wildlife resorts to visit like Yosemite National Park. Their are also city tours such as the San Francisco Love tour and hiking trails.