Best Dorm Room Tech for Seniors


Zac Backus, Reporter

Every year, millions of college students leave the nest and move into a college dorm. For most students their dorm is much smaller than their spacious bedrooms at home. Here are some gadgets that can make the transition easier and allow you to have the ultimate ‘Smart Dorm:”

  • Amazon Echo Dot/Google Home Mini – This hands-free smart assistant is perfect for anybody who loves to listen to music and study. Connect to smart lights or smart plugs to control the lighting and make your room unique.
  • Philips Hue lights – These lights come in a array of sizes and abilities, and with just a simple hook-up to wifi you’ll have lights you can control from your phone. Set up routines so that whenever you have to wake up early for a class your lights gradually lighten, mimicking the sun.
  • Smart Plugs- Wireless Smart plugs can be a lifesaver in college. I have three in my room at home and I plan on taking with me to my dorm room in WVU. One controls my humidifier, another controls my fan and another controls a lamp. I have a routine set up through my Echo that whenever I tell it goodnight, it turns all my lights and my lamp off, my humidifier on and sets an alarm for the next day.

This is all the dorm room tech you’ll need for your dorm life!