Movies of 2019

Movies of 2019

Morgan nelson, staff reporter

Most people enjoy curling up under a blanket with a delicious snack and drink to watch a movie, people can be really excited about movies that are coming out and a great influence on that are the movie trailers.Some really popular movies that have a spinoff or a remake are Aladdin, John Wick Chapter:3 Parabellum, and Frozen 2.

Aladdin has another cartoon movie to it, and it came out in 1992, it is very popular even to this day and fans of Aladdin are very excited for the non cartoon version of it. Aladdin is more for children but grown ups can also enjoy this Disney creation.

John Wick Chapter:3 Parabellum is a third movie of the hit series John Wick and personally a favorite of mine. The series is about a guy who goes back into service as a hit man after the last gift from his dead wife is murdered by a man who wants and thinks he can have everything like John’s car, a classic 1969 Mustang GT, which he takes after knocking John out and killing his dog, the last thing from his now dead wife.It is action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time throughout both of the movies and more than likely the third one will be the same way.

Frozen 2 is another spinoff of a very popular movie, favorites by all ages. It is based off of two sisters who go on a faraway adventure in search of something or someone. The first movie is a family favorite and could be yours and even the second one which might and can be better.