Senior Superlatives Results

Senior Superlatives Results

Zac Backus, Reporter

This year Seniors voted for Superlatives for the yearbook. For the first time ever, Seniors were asked to log onto Schoology and vote digitally. Here are the results:

Most likely to be on ESPN: Ivan Vaughn and Gabby Hammers

Most likely to be late with starbucks: Jacob Dial and Zoe Nease

Worst Driver: Chandler Call and Harper True

Most likely to be social media famous: Jayce Gould and Kelcy Bryant

Most Creative: Noah Chapman and Irene Javier

Best Hair: Maguire Beever and Thailei Bruton

Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse: Lee Blake and Sophia Parlock

Best Bromance: Griffin Adkins and Chad Heiner

Best Friends: Grace Hewitt and Carlie McCormick

Most likely to cry to get out of a ticket: Brett Armbruster and Sydney Clem

Most likely to be found at the gym: Casey Smith and Kirya Kingery

Most likely to star in a reality tv show: Peyton Weekley and Kassidy Wallace

Most like to study for a test after the test: Josh and Natalie Dauber

Most contagious laugh: Joey Steele, Levi Kessler, and Sarah Stultz

Most likely to sell a million records:  Robbie Freeman and Ally Fletcher

Worse Case of senioritis: Nathan Wallis and Audrey Stark

Best movie-quoter: Aaron Hedge and Hailey Stombock

Most likely to invent the next iPhone: Yousef Abdelgaber and Bilen Zerie