2019 Staff Superlatives Results

2019 Staff Superlatives Results

Zac Backus, Reporter

Seniors were asked to vote on School Staff Superlatives for the 2018-2019 school year on Schoology. Students could vote for teachers, counselors or principals. Here are the results:

Most likely to be mistaken for a student: Shane Stevens & Elizabeth Sisson

Most Likely to win Jeopardy: Shelly Brooks and Scott White

Best Story teller: Don Scalise and Amy Moore

Best CIA Candidate: Shane Craig and Sarah Jarrett

Best sense of humor: Billy Williams and Jenna McComas

Most likely to brighten your day: Adam Riazi and Chrisa Hayes

Most likely to be social media famous: TJ Carper and Amy Neal

Best Shoulder to cry on: Brian Clagg and Laura Dille

Most likely to put things off till tomorrow: Brian McNeel and Emily Riley

Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse: Andrew Richardson, Jackie Stillion and Terri Cooper.

Most likely to live at CMHS: Tim James and Trena Wise

Most likely to spill their coffee: Todd Parks and Angela Faller

Best Teacher glare: Jason Morrison and Kristin Ryder

Best life lessons teacher: John Stinespring and Lori Terango.

This concludes the 2k19 Staff superlatives. For results on Senior student Superlatives, Please click here.