Fair Lad Poem

Fair Lad Poem

Ruth Brown, reporter

This is the newest poem in my original poem collection. I am quiet proud of this one:

Fair-Good Lad

In a world far, far away

In the land of the bad

Beyond the palace there lay

The accursed fair good lad


In his own astounding mind

The world of bad is fair

The impish land he will find

Those people who will care


The king of that wicked land

Heard of the fair good lad

And the little one he banned

He thought he was too mad


“He will be cursed,” said the king

Before the king could think

At his door was a ring

His thoughts could not be linked


There stood that one fair good lad

The king said to his knights

“How is this lad not so bad?

He sought the good at might’


Now the king longed to be great

He turned his land to good

If it was not for his fate

He never thought he could


For the king turned from the bad

Because of that fair good lad