Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

On Tuesday, April 9, eleventh grade students all over the country took part in the SAT exam.

The SAT is an entrance exam that is used for a lot of colleges, but it isn’t required at every college. The ACT can also be used as a substitute for this test. It has four sections; Reading, English, Math with no calculator, and Math with a calculator. There is also a separate essay section that is optional and is typically included if the student is wishing to apply to a college out of state. Scores for this exam can go all the way up to 1600, with the average score for most people being around 1060.

Many students wonder why juniors are required to take the SAT and whether or not it will help them in the long run. It can help with getting accepted into a good college and getting financial aid. There are a number of scholarships that come with good scores. Some scholarships through Marshall University can range from 2,000 dollars all the way to 5,500 dollars. Taking this test at school gives everyone an equal opportunity and a free shot at receiving college admissions.

Although many students were nervous and stressed this past week as they prepared for the exam, everyone can agree it’s worth it to try their best even if they aren’t going to college, because having experience with timed tests is never a bad thing.