The school play: Legally Blonde The Musical

Tessa Spurlock, Reporter

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Every year Cabell Midland High School has put on a spring play along with the help from the theater, stagecraft, and dance classes. This play gives students the opportunity to show everyone their talent and hard work. The plays in the past have also given students the opportunity to express themselves while also having fun and being entertaining. The plays are typically school musicals and this gives more of a opportunity to the students who are in the music programs at school.

    The musical this year is Legally Blonde The Musical, which is based on the popular movie Legally Blonde. The play will be held during school on April 29th for all students who wish to see it. All students should try to go and see it. By doing so, the students are showing their support for their fellow students. The play is also by entertaining and students will not be bored during the play. Another upside to seeing the play during school is that students will get out of a few classes to enjoy the play.

    I highly recommend going and supporting our fellow students who are performing for the school musical. Students and teachers have worked very hard to make this play come together. Students and teachers have also stayed after school to work on this play and I’m sure they would all appreciate if everyone would come to support the school musical.