Archery Team Headed for Nationals


Elizabeth Simmons

Cabell Midland’s Archery Team 2018-2019

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Cabell Midland’s archery team has been presented the opportunity to go to the nation’s competition for the first time is 5 years!

Although the team didn’t place in the top 5 at states as they had hoped, they did manage to succeed in making the third tier of national teams to compete!

The team has been practicing year-round in hopes for something like this to happen, and they won’t stop now! They’re all excited to have the chance!

“We thought we were lucky to get to states,” said junior, Mckenna Nixon, “but we’re even more excited to make it to nationals.”

The team will be driving to Louisville, KY on May 10 to shoot at flight times of 3:15 and 4:00 in the national tournament and have aspirations to place high enough in rankings to make it to world’s this summer!