High School Sports


Julianne LaFon , Reporter

As the school year is coming to an end, I know have time to think about all the sports. If they are a good thing for students to participate in  or if they are bad.

In my personal opinion I feel that sports are a great thing for students to participate in. They are a great way for students to make friends with people that not only attend other schools, but more people within their own school. As a freshman here, starting out I did not have many friends. With all the different classes and electives, plus me playing tennis I have made many new friends and gotten closer with older ones.

Students not only have a better shot at making new friends by playing sports, they also have a good chance at getting scholarships to colleges they never even dreamed of. I have a college that I dream of going to and I have a more realistic college. The college I dream about going to is not only a hard school to get into, it costs a lot especially since I will live out of state. But, since I play sports I feel like I have a better chance of getting into the college.