Easter Plans

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Easter is Sunday, April 21, and everyone is looking forward to a long weekend as well as getting candy, spending time with family, and maybe going on an egg hunt or two.

Junior Meredith Mears says her favorite thing about Easter is spending time with friends and family and going to church.

“My favorite thing about Easter is coloring eggs with my friends and family, and dressing up for church or even a nice meal with my family,” said Mears.

There are a lot of different things that make Easter special for each person. Some people enjoy the time they get to spend with family, while others think about the religious aspect of it which is Jesus dying on the cross.

“What makes Easter special to me is spending time with my family and welcoming spring. Also, learning more about Jesus is important to me,” said Mears.

Everyone’s plans for Easter are different. While some go out for a big meal, others might go for egg hunts or help out with events at church. Some could just spend the day at home relaxing.

“For Easter this year, I get to run the nursery after church service. I organized an egg hunt for the kids. I hope more families will visit our church for Easter this year and keep coming back,” said Mears.

One Easter tradition that will never lose its popularity is the classic Easter egg hunt. Some might think you reach a point when you’re too old to hunt eggs, but others disagree.

“You can never be too old for an Easter egg hunt. Someone has to show the kids how it’s done,” said Mears.