Ruth Brown, reporter

Why is it so difficult?

Why do I always feel helpless?

Why am I so insignificant?

Why do I fail at everything I do?

These questions are repeatedly asked throughout everyday life

Let’s ask another one:

Is there hope?

No one will ever be perfect

No one will ever be happy all the time

You are not the only one who feels this way

I learned the answers to those questions

It’s so hard because trials teach us how to make life easier

We feel helpless because we are sometimes not helpful and will not let anyone else help us

You are not worthless

You are something in somebody’s life

Do not feel like you fail or you will

You can accomplish challenging tasks if you put your mind to it

It’s what we make out of life

And if we put hope in our life

Our perspective will change

Our questions will change

How can I get through this trial?

Who can I help today?

Who am I worthy to?

How can I keep from failing?

There is hope in the world

There is hope in your life

We will face trials and disappointments

And when we do

We must never lose hope

These trials will grow our ambitions

Hope is being able to see the lights in all the darkness

See the good in life

And you will feel like you are something to this world

Before life can go easy

You have to experience the hard

Before you can have aspiration

You gotta go through the trials

Before you can be happy

You have to experience the pain

Because once you feel hope

Everything is possible