Importance of Dance


Tessa Spurlock, Reporter

Dance is a huge part of culture and the way people express their feelings through movement and entertainment. Without dance there would not be as many social gatherings. Dance has also found its way into the world of entertainment. There are shows and plays that are all based on dancing and entertainment. My favorite play that there is mostly all dancing in is Hamilton, the musical on Broadway.

The style of dance throughout the whole play is mainly contemporary and hip-hop. Contemporary is an expressive type of dance. The contemporary form of dance is a way to show emotions and story throughout the play with dances. The performances also have a style of hip-hop to them that is shown while dancing to some of the songs. Hip-Hop is a popular style of dance and is usually danced to more electronic music.

All the costumes are older looking material and style. The costumes of the back up dancers are loose fitting so their dance moves could be larger and bigger. There are flashing lights and darker lighting. This helped the dances to look bigger and more dramatic.

The dances are all very dramatic and big. All the dancers used lots of energy to make the dances look big. The dancers also used their facial expressions to make it look more dramatic by smiling or looking sad. It made the dances look and feel more real.