The Haunted Sorrel Weed House

Tessa Spurlock, Reporter

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The Haunted Sorrel Weed House

     This old house on 6 West Harris Street is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Georgia and America. This house has been shrouded by paranormal activity that was caused by many years of suffering ever since it was built. The house is located in Savannah, Georgia, believed to be one of the most haunted places in America. The Sorrel Weed house is considered a historical place because of its Southern Gothic background, the beliefs the people have about the house, and the people who have lived there. There have been efforts in trying to investigate the hauntings in the house and whether it was real or a hoax.

The historical background of the house is that it was built in Savannah, Georgia in 1838.

The history of the town is very old and important to America’s history and this compares to a source that said that Savannah is the oldest settlement in Georgia, founded by James Oglethorpe in 1733. Ever since it was built, many people have lived there over the years and now it is a tourist attraction, not only for its ghost but also for people wishing to learn about the town’s history. The house was also in the 2007 SCAD Vernacular Architectural Conference. This event attracts many people such as architects and historians who learn about the people who have visited and or lived in the house. Here is a list of just some of the people: General E. Lee, Moxley Sorrel, and Francis Sorrel. The house was built by Francis Sorrel and designed by Charles Cluskey. After the house was done being built, Francis lived in the house with his wife. The Sorrel Weed house, which is also known as Francis Sorrel House, got its name from the person who built it, Francis Sorrel.

Finding the truth about the hauntings in the Sorrel Weed House is important to the community.  The backstory to the haunting is that the man who lived there with his wife, Francis Sorrel and Moxley Sorrel, also lived there with a younger slave girl whose name was Molly.  Francis had an affair with Molly after some time and his wife Moxley walked in on them. She later committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of their house. After some time, Molly committed suicide and an author even wrote, “Enslaved woman was found hanging from a rope in the center of the room”. Some people say she was murdered by Francis, blaming her for the death of his wife. All this is considered to be myth because there isn’t any evidence to back this up. There is one thing for sure, a lot have suffered and many have died in the house. That is why many people believe the house is haunted by the women who die there.

There have not been significant sightings or phenomenon in the sorrel weed house, but it is still believed to be haunted. The house is a huge tourist attraction in Savannah for its ghost stories.  The house has also been featured on many shows including Syfy Ghost hunters Halloween special episode and on Travel Channel “Most Terrifying Places in the World”. When the Travel Channel visited, an author wrote, “As a part of that video, they play the sounds of the enslaved woman Molly screaming and begging for her life as she is being murdered.” The house was opened to the public in August 2005 for historic and haunted ghost tours. People who take the tours have said that when they enter the house their phone batteries die faster than usual, but other than that there is a lack of supernatural events. The house is just a house surrounded by supernatural gossip.