Daily Horoscope


Summer Boling, Reporter

Aries – People will try to give you advise with little to no insight. Run your life the way you believe it should be ran. You are in control, what you need is 100 percent up to you.

Taurus – Your actions today are meaningful, don’t censor yourself for the sake of being humble. Even if you can’t see your worth, you’re worth more than the stars combined.

Gemini – Organization is the key to success. With time everything will fall into place as long as you keep tabs on the world around you. Keep a level head and power on.

Cancer – It’s ok and healthy to ask for advise, even if people often have you pegged as someone who understands the world around them. Take some time, and get the opinions of those around you.

Leo – Focus on your success and it will find you. Take inspiration from the trials those around you face and pave a path through your own. It’s ok.

Virgo – Your work in finance will find steady success. Know your product and it will know you, with experience comes prosperity.

Libra – Today people will look to you for advice. Keep a steady head and be sure to express your care for their needs. The advice you give them will be useful to you in years to come.

Scorpio – Take risks, as life is built on the back of them. You’re far more capable than you realize, it’s worth taking a chance at the unknown.

Sagittarius – Despite living in a material world, value isn’t everything. Practice self-discipline and merely enjoy the world around you for more than it’s physical offers.

Capricorn – It’s important to know what you deserve. Keep the boundaries you desire and cut off those who refuse to respect them. Your comfort is more important than the expectations of others.

Aquarius – Slow down and enjoy the world around you. Life is about more than the goals and expectations, it’s about enjoying the time between each milestone. Enjoy the journey.

Pisces – Keep the people you feel most comfortable around close. While it is important to explorer opposing views of the world, it’s crucial to have a safe group to confide in.