Lee Blake, Reporter

Prom is the day girls look forward to the whole year. It is literally a day that you dress up, take pictures, and then go to a dance. To a girl, the day of prom is looked forward to and is a day of complete happiness. Personally, I do not really see the big deal because I do not enjoy dressing up but to each their own.


I would much rather just go hang out with my friends and eat. Since everyone else loves dances, I usually end up going. For people who love taking pictures, school dances are for you because that is all you do you for hours.


Then, people expect to get asked to prom in a super fancy or complex way and I do not understand why. If you wanted to go, why can’t you just walk up to whoever you want to go with and ask them to go with them. However, nowadays people want over the top extravagance and people have to keep coming up with crazier ways to do promposals.


It is not even the dance part people look forward to. It is all the pictures and eating with friends. Here’s an idea: why don’t people just go eat with one another. It is almost the same as prom, just without the dressing up. Then again, those are just my thoughts.


Overall, prom is not that bad and can be fun as long as you do not pick out an awful outfit to wear. If you do, then you will have to look at the bad prom pictures until next year’s prom.