Why Universal Healthcare is a Good Idea.


Summer, Boling

Healthcare, in it’s nature should be a right. America has instead made this system commercial, denying the fact that peoples’ health are at risk.

Denying healthcare is denying that a citizen should be given proper care regardless of their financial situation. This meaning that if you can’t afford it you don’t deserve it. This isn’t something that should even be considered wen talking on life.

No matter who someone is, they deserve the right to be treated for whatever illness they may have. Because regardless of finances, anyone is susceptible to a cold. Not making this kind of treatment affordable means that in a developed nation someone could easily die of the flu, a common illness that is easily treated with weaker medications.

Along with this, it would help phase out debt that has piled up for decades as the health system turned more commercial than public. Over time prices have skyrocketed over 200% in the matter of months, making multiple common treatments nearly impossible to afford for the common american.

Basically, universal healthcare is almost a must at this point, in order to keep a modern civilization running people deserve the right to a healthy lifestyle